Fencing Target "RK01"

"Coaching was never easier"

It's an extreme honor for us to introduce you the latest product on the fencing market - Fencing Target "RK01". 

The target is a dashboard on which four lights are placed, simulating the four body sectors - fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth. Once the target is launched, the lights will begin to light up randomly, each time the sequence will be different. 

Developed and created entirely by FWF Bulgaria, the target will help each foil and sword competitor to improve his reaction and reflexes.The special material placed on the hit zones soften the hit and will save your weapon point. 

From the timer positioned at the top of the target, you can set work and rest time.

And that's not all:

With a specially positioned potentiometer, you can adjust the speed at which the lights change.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact with us: